The solution that guarantees authentication security for every user, app, device, network, anywhere, anytime

Eliminate addiction to people with DigitalPersona® composite authentication

DigitalPersona® composite authentication ensures an optimized level of security thanks to the allocation of the right mix of authentication options in all circumstances.

With traditional two or more factor authentication, access security depends on human compliance, and users must deal with complex authentication policies, often not adaptable to the context of constantly evolving threats

The most complete solution to optimize the security of each application, of each user, at all times

DigitalPersona® composite authentication transforms the world of authentication and provides completely new levels of protection

With its composite authentication solution, DigitalPersona® transforms the way IT executives protect the integrity of the digital organization by offering an alternative to two-factor and multi-factor authentication. DigitalPersona® offers IT managers the ability to guarantee the digital identity of employees, customers, and partners and to implement an optimal set of authentication factors for each user, application, device, and network through unparalleled ease of integration and maintenance.

DigitalPersona® ranked first in TechRadar's Top 5 Best Identity Management Systems and Authentication Services in 2017

Use case

DigitalPersona® satisfies a wide range of use cases for corporate authentication. So, organizations are moving beyond two-factor and multi-factor authentication

Windows Logon

Microsoft Windows remains a primary target for hackers: DigitalPersona® offers unprecedented protection for access to desktops and servers.

Single Sign-On/ Federativo

The SSO offers correct access, but just SSO is not enough: DigitalPersona® provides SAML and Federative SSO to the most popular applications and therefore intelligently provides correct authentication in each specific context.

Cloud and Mobile Applications

Working in the cloud or using mobile applications does not present risks: DigitalPersona® protects cloud and mobile applications and can help protect the most sensitive applications, allowing companies to adopt new platforms and technologies.

Build your authentication

With DigitalPersona® Access Management API, it is easy to integrate authentication into existing platforms in a company.


VPN is still a popular access technology and DigitalPersona® can strengthen access and provide a number of secure authentication methods for users.
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