A project born from the idea of ​​offering advanced services to all players in the green building industry

The project

The project is designed to network documentary information – regulatory elements or references to sites that deal with green building – and highly dynamic information – for example, the availability of raw materials or recycling sites and publications of new calls for green building.

Support for tenders and specifications

Support in the preparation of tenders and specifications for local public administrations and private individuals.

Impact simulators

Provision of specific simulators to assess the impact on the construction site of the use of certified recycled material.

Telematic trading desk

Creation of an electronic trading desk to check the availability of recycled raw materials.

Tracking of materials

Creation of tools for traceability of materials to be recycled or to verify the origin of recycled materials purchased for construction.

The purposes

The current dynamics of searching and identifying sites for the recycling of building materials require efforts in terms of human resources and time. This may lead to costs increasing and inefficiencies.

The project has the primary objective of optimizing the resources locally available, allowing substantial savings for all operators in the demolition-recycling-construction chain. Moreover, thanks to the availability of an electronic construction site file, it also ensures the traceability of the materials destined to landfills/recycling areas as well as the origin of recycled construction materials. In particular, we intend to pursue the following purposes:

Develop support tools

Create a centralized support, control and training tool useful for all the figures in the construction sector.

Improve knowledge

Increase competence on construction / demolition waste management, selective demolition techniques and recycled aggregates.

Stimulate the optimal use of resources

Develop technical design prescriptions, based on the principles of current legislation updated in real time.

Empowering Clients

Obtain an effective reduction of the life-cycle environmental and economic impacts.

Increase sustainability

Migliorare la durabilità ambientale delle costruzioni stradali e incrementare la sostenibilità ambientale delle opere realizzate.

Control the supply chain

Allow full control over the application of the rules regarding the treatment of materials destined for recycling in the supply chain.

Encourage the use of recycled products

Stimulate the conscious and transparent use of recycled products, while rationalizing the use of natural resources.

Create a real market

Develop a real market for natural, artificial, and recycled aggregates of certified quality, guaranteed in real-time.

Expected results

Creation of a centralized platform

A regulatory database

Move from a vision of technical standards and legislative prescriptions as physically separate binding documents to a more systematic and integrated approach. The platform extrapolates the contents of all the rules and laws of the sector and stocks them in one place, organized in a rational way that makes these contents truly and completely available to users.

Impact simulation and comparison

A tool to simulate and compare the technical, environmental, and economic impacts of different demolition techniques, and allows on-site management of the residues ofrecycled building and demolition materials, encouraging a dynamic environmental / energy labeling of the intervention and C&D residues thus obtained.

Facilitate and manage trade transparently

A tool to facilitate and transparently manage the trade of natural, artificial, and recycled aggregates, excavated earth, construction and demolition residues.

Interactive maps for geolocation

A series of interactive maps for the geolocation of the position of the plants, construction sites, and various figures in the area.

Interactive catalogs

A series of interactive catalogs for the presentation of qualified techniques and products with declared/verified performance and updated in real-time.

A tool for managing automatic procedures

An interactive tool for the management of automatic procedures intended for the drafting of technical specifications with real-time regulatory updates as well as for the formulation of offers.
Financial support from the European Regional Development Fund