Innovative paradigms for the use of culture

The project

PIUCULTURA aims at the development of an innovative software system to define and promote a new paradigm of the fruition of cultural heritage through a mix of advanced devices and technologies typical of the information society (smartphone, tablet, augmented reality).

Participatory experience

The system will be designed to allow a participatory and “unique” experience for anyone visiting a cultural site and will include some innovative fundamental features that have already been identified.

Natural language dialogue

The user can communicate with the system using a natural language, “talking” with his smartphone/tablet on which the system interface is located, and listening/observing the responses (audio, images, and videos).

Individual profiling

The users will be individually profiled based on their characteristics and interactions with the system, giving the possibility to generate customized paths according to the individual profile.

Social experiences

The users can post comments, images, videos on their experiences or view other visitors’ contents likewise using a social network; information will be stored in our Big Data Storage and also used in the answers to questions asked by other users.

Multimedia information

The users will be able to frame an object with their smartphone/tablet (for example, a painting or a sculpture) and obtain multimedia information about it.

Multimedia information

The information provided to the users will be dynamic and collected in real-time (therefore always up to date), using not only certified sources but also the internet and social networks.

The purposes

Combination of digital resources

Enhance the integration, combination, and reuse of material and immaterial cultural digital resources, overcoming the physical/cultural separation that often characterizes these resources.

Contamination between disciplines

Develop an innovative digital environment, able to easily integrate different types of data, and to promote contamination between disciplines and skills.

Understanding and learning

Promote new fruition experiences through the development of individual user profiles, aimed at balancing the peculiarities, disabilities, and characteristics of users, with the ultimate aim of improving understanding and learning, as well as overall enjoyment among a wider audience of users.

Care, conservation and use of cultural heritage are among the most important issues among the strategic objectives of the European Programming

Expected results

One of the most interesting challenges, in this regard, is precisely the exploitation of cultural heritage as an identifying and bonding element of the European culture. A useful feature, if not indispensable, for overcoming differences in interpretations of the past and for the precise identification of shared and fundamental values. The biggest challenge to be faced is the construction of a real new paradigm of access to resources which by their nature are geographically distributed and heterogeneous. Thus, the necessity of a complete, logic, and interconnection of information of different nature concerning the same theme, an artifact, a work of art, a site of cultural interest. In this sense, we can speak of a real revolution that allows us to build and rework knowledge, as well as the traditional paradigms of fruition and learning.